You can’t give a book to a racist who can’t read,

They just won’t understand it,

You can’t give a look to a racist who can’t see,

They just won’t understand it,

You can’t give advice to a racist who can’t think,

They just won’t understand it.

They have no ability for rational thought,

Or consideration,

Or wit,

You just can’t reason with a racist,

Because they just won’t understand it.


Cunt – Revised

I rather like the word cunt,

And it puzzles me that you don’t,

I like the shape my mouth makes,

As it rolls out of my throat.
But you find cunt offensive,

Which I don’t understand.

I’m glad I don’t live your life,

It must be really bland.

You think because I have one,

That I can’t say this word,

You really are a fucking cunt,

Your theories are absurd.

You say this to me drunkenly,

As if I’d understand,

But haven’t you ever said face,

Don’t you ever say hand?

I can see this isn’t working,

So I’ll quit while I’m ahead,

Disapear from the pub,

And go back to my bed.

I’ll sleep peacfully tonight,

Thinking about how much of a cunt you are.

Cunt – Revised