Crispy Bits

I bloody love the crispy bits,

Theyre just so god damn good!

I’d have it all as crispy bits,

If only I fucking could.

Crispy Bits


There are things that I wont tell people,

I don’t even tell myself,

Like if I have a mental illness,

Or worry too much about my health.

I wish that I could talk more,

Honestly I do,

But every time I try,

I just end up staring at you.

When I think of opening up,

It makes me kind of scared,

That I might reveal things to myself,

That I never even dared,

Ever to give credence to,

Or tried to understand,

But these things are what makes me me,

And these things are never planned,

So I need to sit and talk with myself,

Accept this is me,

Then I can move forward,

And become who I want to be.


This Is My Decision

This decision weighs heavily on me,

All the while you don’t agree with me.

I really wish that you could see,

The person that I want to be.

I know that this is hard for you,

I want you to know I’ll see this through.

This decision is mine to make,

So responsibility I will take.

But when all is said and done,

What’s life for is not for having fun?

This Is My Decision


Life’s too short

So do whatever you want

Life’s too short

But don’t act like a cunt

Life’s too short

To be anyone but yourself

Life’s too short

So keep an eye on your health

Life’s too short

Have fun with it while you can

Life’s too short

Before shit hits the fan

Life’s too short

But I’m not sure that it’s true

That Life’s too short

For people like me and you

‘Cus if life’s too short

Then surely it would just wiz by

If life’s too short

We’d barely live before we’d die

Life’s too short

You always hear people say

Life’s not too short

You just need to appreciate every day.