“When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”- Nietzsche

I sit on the edge for a while,
Feet dangling over,
The darkness slowly wisping round my ankles,
Tendrils of black smoke,
Reaching up at me,
Dragging me towards the abyss,
No strength to pull me in
Yet still a tether to the murky depths.

My childlike curiosity draws me in,
I lean in further,
And gaze into the depths,
All that lies before me is an endless black sea,
I quiver,
So overwhelmed by the enormity.

I can feel the darkness eating away at me,
I weep,
And that feeling,
That temptation rises,
Closely followed by fear fear,
Dread bubbles up from my stomach,
Bringing with it bile and further torment.

For I know what happens next,
And I know I can do nothing to stop it.

No longer willing to struggle,
I give in,
And as I drift over into weightlessness,
For a second,
I am happy,

For although I may have lost,
The struggle is finally over.


“When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”- Nietzsche


Life’s too short

So do whatever you want

Life’s too short

But don’t act like a cunt

Life’s too short

To be anyone but yourself

Life’s too short

So keep an eye on your health

Life’s too short

Have fun with it while you can

Life’s too short

Before shit hits the fan

Life’s too short

But I’m not sure that it’s true

That Life’s too short

For people like me and you

‘Cus if life’s too short

Then surely it would just wiz by

If life’s too short

We’d barely live before we’d die

Life’s too short

You always hear people say

Life’s not too short

You just need to appreciate every day.