Caffeine, caffeine,

What have you done?

I can’t get to sleep,

And this isn’t fun.


I had you this morning,

Yet still I’m awake,

I’m not sure how much more,

Of this I can take!



Sleep Apnea

Snatched back

From the icy talons,

Of deathless sleep,

Or sleepless death.



Heartbeat pulsing in my ears,

Rattling in my chest.



Leaving me helpless,


Struggling to catch up,




And now I lay awake,

Trapped in fear,

Knowing I am unable take,

My final breath.

Sleep Apnea


I haven’t left the house for days,
And I just can’t seem to sleep.
I really need a shower,
My whole body smells like feet.

I should really try to find something,
To pull me out this slump.
I could start by tidying,
This place looks like a dump.

I could just write a song or two,
And maybe get some food,
Then crawl right back into my bed,
Untill I’m nice and stewed.